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Our Dept. uses both the M-26 and X-26 Tasers, and they not only work exceptionally well, they save lives. We have used Tasers in two attempted suicides in the last year with great success. One was armed with a knife, the other with an axe. Too dangerous to approach, both people were felled like an old oak tree and disarmed without injury to anyone. On top of that, we do have to take a hit during training. Let me tell you, they hurt like hell! That said, we used to carry both the Nova and Ultron stun guns. While they were somewhat successful (more for the psychological effect than anything), there's a night and day difference between stun guns and the Taser. If they're deployed right and the probes enter any of the major muscle masses, there is no one on this planet that can successfully fight one. The link below is to actual videos of Taser deployment. As you can see, alcohol, cocaine, even PCP are no defense.
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