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You say that an attacker could pull the probes out after being shot, however I disagree. The tazer automatically sends a 5 second pulse immediatly when the trigger is pulled, so the person wouldn't be able to move at all, since it tenses up the muscles, and isn't a pain control (even though it supposedly hurts quite badly). If you keep holding the trigger, it keeps the current flowing.

I saw a police video that emphasized this: Drunk guy is being billigerent with a cop on side of road. Cop is going to arrest him, but he resists and fights with the officer untill the officer disengages the subject, draws and shoots drunk with tazer. Guy, even while stupid drunk, completly tenses up, falls down. After the 5 second timer in the tazer stops the current, the officer instructs the person to put his hands behind his back (to handcuff subject), subject is not being shocked at the moment, and refuses in a not-so-nice way. Officer repeats this 6 more times. Subject finally begs officer to stop and complies, officer tells subject to put his hands behind his back again, and subject excliams "I cant move." Officer handcuffs subject. Point is, that the subject's muscles were so worn out by being repetitly strained that he couldn't even put his hands behind his back.
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