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TEA, you may wish to actually consult an attorney on lethal force use in Texas. You have some interesting views that don't seem to be very well supported by legal code.

MTNTHUNDER, your friend was extremely lucky.

While he did have some tactical advantage, he was lucky because of the tactical blunders he committed. First, he incorrectly assessed the situation and perceived there to be only one bad guy. Next, he grabbed a handgun and flashlight and ran out the front door to his porch. What is wrong there? Simple. He grabbed a pistol and not a long gun. Next, he left the cover of his home, certainly the concealment of his open, and moved himself out into the open.

Where he was really lucky was in that the extra actors were behind the guy with the dog, not out somewhere in front, acting as a lookout/spotter or additional safety. One or both of those two extra guys could have been out on the street, hidden behind foliage, or whatever, and simply shot your friend who was standing out in the open.

In short, your friend showed poor situational awareness and poor use of available cover, thereby exposing himself unnecessarily, and is lucky that it did not cost him his life.
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