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I'm curious; I own a semi-auto pre-ban 9MM Calico carbine; Has anyone here fired the full auto version, or heard anything about it?

I must confess, my purchase of this gun wasn't the result of intensive study; After the '93 ban passed, I went to a big gun show, and just bought the gun which seem to me most likely to offend my Senator. (I'm not normally that impulsive, but I'd just broken up with a girl, and was in an odd frame of mind.)

Truth to tell, what I had really wanted was an H K 93; Bush's ban on their importation after I'd saved up the necessary funds was what origninally propelled me to join the NRA. The Calico has slaughtered a lot of tin cans off my back porch, though; It's a great gun for plinking.

Sic semper tyrannis!
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