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WOW - this one is goning to be "food for thought" for a while!

My story is - about a decade ago, my wife, new dog and I were returning from an out of state contract. We'd stopped in a "middle class" motel for the night. I took "Mouse" out for her evening walk and was approached by a group of drunken "latinos" stating very loudly that "this nice white man" was going to "loan" them all the money I had in my wallet.

"Mouse" (a Blue Healer) had already assumed the "attack" stance. I flipped back my shirt, showing them a holstered weapon and stated "I don't DO warning shots!" "When this clears the holster, it'll be smokin - but I wonder just how many of you I'll get - and how many the dog will?" It STOPPED right then/there.

If you're "scared" enough to let a BG get within fist range - I've got to wonder just how scared you are of taking another life? Is it worth YOURS?

Yea, I'm one of those "deranged Viet Vets" - but I decided a LONG time ago - my life/family's is worth more to me than their's is!

If "displaying" a weapon is a CRIME in the state you live in - MOVE!

On another forum, my "signature" reads - "Never threaten with a weapon - when it clears leather - it best be smokin!" I stand by that.

I don't "intimadate" worth a f*ck - if I feel I need to threaten in response, I'll just use it.

Sorry for the "rant"

Gentle winds,
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