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In Soviet Ohio dog bites you when protecting it.

My jokes suck...

Any who, point is in Ohio I would have the option of cussing at them, shaking my fist, and giving them a very stern look. We dont have the "right" to protect our property with deadly force, we have to "trust" that the CRIMINAL is not breaking additional laws and does not have a weapon or that his 2 buddies wont beat the crap out of me.

So with the victim mentality required by the state I would have to call the police, who would respond with all the determination of stopping a dog thief in a place where the violent crime rate is very high and police budgets are very low that you would expect...

I do not blame the LEOs for this. They are doing the best then can with the tools given them... Oh except for the Ohio State troopers and the Governers office - they have demonstrated they would rather that the citizens of Ohio be victims.
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