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S&W 32-20 Hand Ejector

I have what appears to be a S&W 32-20 Hand Ejector (model of 1905), but…….no S&W marks or logo on the gun. The logo is under the cylinder release latch (on the left side of the gun) and is an oval circle with a CZ (the z is inside the C) and on the outside of the oval are the words....Trade (above the oval) and the word Mark (below the oval). The numbers 399 appear on the inside of both wooden grips and on the underside of the cylinder release. 399 is also seen on the front of the cylinder along with what looks like a Birmingham proof mark...just the crown with nothing above or below it. There is also a lanyard on the base of the gun. The serial number 21725 appears to the right of the lanyard ring on the butt of the gun. To the left of the lanyard ring is the letter A. The 4 3/8" barrel is tapered but the taper appears to occur only on the top side of the barrel. Hammer and trigger are case hardened with a pinned barrel and blade front sight. While it appears to be a S&W model of 1905 (by the serial number and the fact that all parts appear to look like S&W parts), it has a CZ trademark. Can you tell me if this gun was manufactured by S&W for CZ or perhaps CZ produced this gun using a S&W license and serial numbers or? Thanks.
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