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Well the reason I posted this question is that in real life things dont go as they do in theory. Everyone in here says, retreat. Descalate the situation. Etc etc. Well, dont you think I want to? Maybe I wasnt clear in my first initial post, but just cause you WANT to leave doesnt mean a BG will say, "oh ok, you dont want to be assaulted, no problemo, why didnt ya say so, you are free to go."

Someone on here made a good point about bullies, and when your mom tells you to just avoid the fight. Yeah right, that doesnt work. Anyway, the character I am thinking about in this scenario wants to hurt you, he wants to feel power over you. When I retreat he comes after me. Now, if youc ant see a weapon and he is going to punch you, or who knows what, do you draw and fire? That can be messy.

I do carry OC spray just so I have a first line of defense. But I really do think that 90% of these guys would not mess with you knowing that you were armed, dont you agree?
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