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Maybe this should be in the rifle forum.

You are talkin' about the AP-74 made by the Italian company Armi Jager, and imported by EMF in Kal. Several years ago Mr. Jager died, and nobody took over for him.
I think Kassnar bought out what was left and produced a few rifles called the AP-15, which was the same rifle as the AP-74. These rifles and the parts are no longer being made, but it is possible to find a used one every now and then at gun shows and through Shotgun News.
They are almost exactly the same size, weight, design, etc. as the AR-15, except they are dedicated .22 LR, and come with a 15 round magazine, which slides into the rifle through a "dummy mag" which looks like a 10 rd. AR-15 mag, but is actually part of the lower reciever.
They also accept AR-15 parts, such as grip, handguards, flash-hider, scope mounts, etc., with no or very little modifications.

I've had one for 17 years, put thousands of rounds through it, and it'll STILL shoot 3/4" - 1" groups at over 100 yards!

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