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For me it's got to be the Brittany great pointer good all around hunting dog but most that I have had just don't like water.They will go in up to there belly and that is it. Had one Lab dumbest dog I have ever owned.Had him trained took him duck hunting and he would bring back the decoys Would see a pheasnt cross the yard would take him out put him on the scent would look at me like I was nuts and walk away.But he made a great house dog the only thing that made him move was food.And did a great job of keeping everything off the end tables with his tail And WOW could he snore would sleep in the bathtub at night ever hear a dog snore in the bathtub.But then he liked to sleep on the floor next to me and that was even worse. And as far as keeping the BG away they must have got sick of tripping over him and put him in the celler.And yes this is all TRUE
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