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""Hmmmmmmmmmmm no attempt at de-escalation? No attempt to leave?
I assume you are a LEO. A civilian need only be in fear of death or grave injury, as would any reasonable man in the same circumstance.

If a civilian were to follow your continuum of force, they would surely be visiting Bubba and the Cripps. A civilian has no responsibility to restrain, and the verbal confrontation is just escalation in the eyes of the law. Physical confrontation is the same. All of this is well and good for a LEO, but for Joe Civilian, it's a quick ticket to 2nd degree murder.""

The use of force continuim does go both ways, the one we use does not have restrain as a level of force, usually that is the use of soft empty hand technics, holds, come alongs etc. Basically all that a use of force continuim is, is a logical progression of force. There is nothing to stop you from going from step 1 to step 5 or visa-versa. I think you are splitting hairs with his articualtion. Maybe if I made it politically correct it would sound better ie: Verbal response.... If some punk says "Hey old man I'm gonna kick you're [email protected]@" Logically you are going to respond....."Who me?" . And maybe, then I will want to use some physical technics because he needs to be taught manners and not use such language in public. I dont know where you live, but a threat of physical violence is just that a THREAT, and I deal with all threats. The real thing to worry about is; Am I in Imminent danger??? ie; is he going to assault me now or when I try to leave??? If I am going to throw down with some tough it is right there, right then. Sorry for being long winded....I will shut up now.
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