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For starts I'm not a LEO, don't really know any LEO's, and have no desire to be an LEO...but I do respect the badge and the fact that there are those willing to serve and protect. That stated my first response to the inital question was to leave the area/threat if it were an alternative. I would also try to de-escalate the situation if it were possible. In a situation where a person is INTENT on causing me physical harm and i can't leave,escape or avoid the threat and I am carrying I would be totally justified in pulling my weapon and then using that weapon if the threat persisted to assault me.
At what point can you determine if a person is capable/intent on killing you? Is it when you're unconsious?Is it when you lose an eye? Break a jaw? How many times have you guys wittnessed a fight where there was only one punch thrown or very few? So here you knocked the H__L out with an unsecured weapon.
As far as assaulting a cop...IMO most people would never even think about it, be it fear or respect. I'm also fairly certain that in a one on one situation Cop versus BG of equal size and the BG is intent on asaaulting the cop, the cop would use other non-leathal weapons before resorting to a firearm. Once again this is opinon, but I can't see a cop going to fistcuffs before deploying another type of non-lethal defense if given that option.
I realize that a CCW is a huge responsibility/liability, but where is is stated that you have to be in a situation where you have to have your a$$ pumeled before you can draw ?
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