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USP45, I respect what you write. You seem like an honest man. When you talk about your ailment, it makes me bow my head, for I never would wish that on anyone, nor WOULD I WISH THAT ANYONE WOULD ONLY BE ABLE TO PUT UP A SLIM DEFENSE TO A PUNKS' WRATH Obviously, if your limit of protection is your verbal confrontation, then deadly force is the next step. My comment was directed at those that are very able to defend themselves with a force less than deadly, and had better learn it. Otherwise, they will, unfortunately, find themselves in jail with Bubba and the rest of the Crips. The continuum of Force is as foloows:
1) Physical presence
2) Verbal Confrontation
3) Physical confrontation
4) Restraints
5) Less than lethal (OC, baton, tazer, etc)
6) Deadly force
As you can see, they are a few steps in between yelling, "Step Back," before shooting someone. It may not seem appealing, but that is what you and every other leagally armed person must responsibly do.
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