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Sorry............let me start all over...........

Did someone miss my point.........? Never mind I guess I have been misunderstood before here.... Sorry I did or didn't say the right thing in the right tone. I think me using the word command(ed) frosted some folks. Wow, sorry I should have used more care in word picking.... I guess as any good leader knows - lead by example and share in communication process and obtain favorable results through group work........ I should have said that too..........sorry guys and girls I guess I wrote that all wrong above.....

Lets pretend I didn't write the first post and upset anyone on the way I wrote my post. I will start over.........

OK...........poooffffff last post is pretend gone and new one follows:

*Does anyone ever find themself on a range with others whom are doing things unsafe or dangerous? If so what do (you) do or not do? I understand that most of the time we can work it out as the group out there. If so do you try to make the move to speak and act responsible first or do you wait on other's to make the move? I tend to act quickly myself and error on safety. This is not the normal operation at MOST ranges but we have to remember a lot of different ranges work in a lot of different ways..... Thanks for your shared imput.... Rojoe67
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