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Most CCW classes can be broken down into the general topics as follows;
  1. Firearms safety - nomenclature, safe handling, safe storage, range rules.
  2. Legal section - State laws, justification, avoidance, levels of force, etc.
  3. Range practice - Instructor coaches, observes safety practices, etc.
  4. Range qualification - Shooter demonstrates ability to hit the black 60% or keep most shots on the silhoutte.

The legal section is where you're told where you may not carry, what restrictions there are, justifications for drawing your weapon, consequences for actually displaying/firing your weapon, etc.

Seldom taught are tactics in any great detail. Not even basic tactics such as using a barricade position. There is generally not enough time in a 1-day class to adequately teach such concepts to novices. In fact, it's hard enough to teach them to hold a revolver with the weak hand while reloading.

Sometimes you see some novel concepts with firearms from novices. Like one woman who wanted to qualify with a .36 caliber 1862 Police black powder pistol! She just couldn't figure out where the .380 cartridges went!

Sometimes men are just as ignorant, like a guy showing up with a .40 S&W and four boxes of reloaded .45 ammo (who then gets indignant that he can't trade the ammo for new factory .40S&W ammo without paying more).
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