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Advice? Dress WARM !!!

I've attended Front Sight's Submachinegun courses, along with about a dozen other Front Sight courses. Currently working on my Handgun Combat Master degree. The school's founder, Dr. Piazza as you may know, was the second man in the world to complete the rigorous Four Weapons Combat Master Certification. He has attended virtually every course offered by virtually every firearms training facility in the United states, repeating many of those courses numerous times. (See "Founder's Message" at link below. Also, "Our Students Speak".) His school is top notch, his instructors are very adept.

The article in February's Guns&Ammo mentions the use of the open bolt, Cobray M-11. They have just purchased 120 brand new Uzi's, which will bring much satisfaction to all who attend the FREE one-day course, as outlined in G&A.

Seeya all there
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