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You might want to look at the companies making powder from cotton based rather than wood fiber based nitrocellulose. Several are available. Scott powders used to do before they were sold, but I believe the remaining plant probably has not changed process. You can still get Solo 1000 and 1200 in this form, though Accurate Arms now owns this line.

Vhitavuori Oy brand powder from Finland is another. Their N320 and N330 might do well for you. N320 is the only powder my internal ballistics program thinks will burn 100% in .45ACP while achieving hardball velocities and pressures. These look pretty good, at least on paper.

If you look at ball powders, consider WW-231. An oldie but goodie. A lot of people I shot in pistol leagues with years ago switched to it from Bullseye, both because it meters more accurately from a measure and because it leaves less soot behind.

For full-power magnum loads, WW-296 and H110 are very close to one another and very hard to beat. I can't say which might be cleaner? I've used both.

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