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Hello Good People!
As a resident of Godforsaken California, we are not allowed the "priviledge" of owning ClassIII.
That being said (and the fact that I'm making my plans to retire out of THIS state), my sons and I make an annual pilgrimige over to Reno, NV, specifically Reno Gunworks, to play on their indoor range.
They have for rent a neat little Ruger 10-22, with a 14" barrel, & selective fire. The full-auto mode is acheived by pulling back, and up on the trigger...cyclic rate is in the neighborhood of 1500-1700 rpm.
Are these sometimes available for purchase by Class III holders thru Class III dealers, and what is the average price? Seems like the perfect piece to start a collection with, as it won't break the bank to feed.
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