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Edmund, I have an original Inglis Bren in .303cal., I effectionately refer to it as "(Big)Bertha".(due to it's weight) It has the shipping crate armouers kit and extra barrel. The barrels only have about 1/3 of the rifling (forward end)left due to full auto scouring.

I purchased it from my old rifle coach 9 years ago for $800.00.CDN

The only problem is it had the selector altered for SA fire only.

Want a Canadian history lesson?? Way back in 1978 the Canadian Government passed a law registering and "grandfathering" all current fullauto owners & banning the importation of any further form civilian possession. This term refers to ownership, the registered person can possess & buy from other "grandfathered persons". When the person passes on, the firearms can be donated to a museum, taken on as part of a collection of another grandfathered person or destroyed/deactivated.

The other option in 1978 was to have a gunsmith permenitly alter the selector so as to fire SA only. Thus the above law did not apply.

The real kicker was two years after I picked this up yet more legislation came down and a list was formed to restrict or prohibit a number of guns. They ended up "grandfathering " my altered Bren and registering/restricting most if not all military look-a-like wanta be's. (civilian mfg. AR, AK,M1) BUT, now last year came yet even "better" legislation. All of these register/restricted firearms were "grandfathered" with a wave of a pen. "These hold no legitiment sporting purpoes". NOT MY QUOTE !!!!

Be Safe, Be Trained

Life is's alot tougher if you don't know how to shoot.

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