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cool cat, I understand that your question is just curiosity, but you have to be aware that the very nature of your question could be taken badly. Altering a weapons firing mechanism in such a way as you ask is a felony. Even if it doesn't work, the attempt is enough to get you arrested. (Ruby Ridge began as a result of undercover BATF agents pressuring Randy Weaver into making illegal modifications to a couple of shotguns.) As I can only speak for myself, I think questions like yours should be emailed to a moderator or an administrator first, giving them the opportunity to answer you or direct you to the best person to answer your question. I see questions such as yours as a double-edged sword because it cuts both ways. I can see the value in knowing one way or the other, but there are people in this world that would use this kind of information to make us look bad (the anti-gunners), or to modify a weapon for illegal uses (can you say North Hollywood bank robbery?). I don't mean to imply that I think you fall into either of these categories, but those who do can print out one of these posts without getting clarification of your intent and the results could be the same. JMHO, FWIW.

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