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That is why I like to go off into the woods, either by my self or good friends that I know will obey all the rules and have a good time.

I really don't like shooting with strangers or "punk kids" who I wouldn't be surprised to hear one day, "Here, hold my joint and watch this" (about this time, I am ducking and running ).

I also don't like or tolerate the "gun range expert". We've all met him, he's the one that yells about how you're shooting, you're doing it all wrong, hold the gun this way, hold the gun that way, close your eye, open your eye, shoot "gangsta style" because it's the way to do it :barf: (*the last one was a joke to add some humor ). I'm the type of person who can only put up with so much and usually my reply after my last nerve is, "Would you PLEASE just go away. I'm sick and tired of hearing you speak". This is only after many attempts trying to do it politly.

I like the indoor range (pistol only though ). We have our own little stalls and everyone there knows that our stalls, while we are in them, is our world and nobody barges into another persons world unless they are invited.

As for ranges that don't have a compentant RO, I go away quickly. I've sat and watched these places and seen some really scary stuff. Gun muzzles sweeping the line. People with FTF's that turn the gun around and looks into the barrel (I've seen this about 5 times in my life. I do the same as I do when I'm watching a movie, I close my eyes but one stays open just to see what happens next ). I've seen people, when the line was hot, just start wandering down range to their targets to either change them or see how they did. I've seen parents bring all their rugrats to the range and just let them run around, touching other peoples guns, crawling around collecting brass (any brass, not just the parents's) and crawling in front of the muzzle of a shooter who hasn't seen the kid yet.

This is why I love secluded places in the woods/by the river/etc.. I'd rather take my chances out there where a crazed serial killer could be lurking then at a public range, it's much safer.

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