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Open public/private ranges....

If you shoot at a public or private range is there a range offical running it?

If not what do you do? I see very many confused looks when I take charge... often many older folks look a little amazed that some young punk (well, not so young anymore) is taking charge. I challenge all readers to please do the same. You don't have to act like a -CENSORED--CENSORED--CENSORED--CENSORED-, just a person whom wants everyone to operate safe and do nothing dangerous. Most of the time the looks I get change within 20 seconds........ Most folks do want a safe and organized shooting range - even if no range official is hired or working at this range. I even speak loud commands when just myself and a friend might be on a little target hill out back..... It lets him know what I think and plan........He repeats what I said so I know he is on the same sheet of music too...... Real basic stuff but SO very important......

If people refuse to be commanded (which never yet has happened) I would leave.

I keep it simple in commands........ The line is hot (free to fire)
Cease fire (stop and make safe)
Range safe (nobody touch firearms)
Safe to hang targets (nobody touch)
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