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Well, no caliber lies, .22 or otherwise.
No, they don't. Shooters, however, seem to be more willing to lie to themselves when shooting larger calibers, though. Lousy groups fired from a .22 target pistol are humiliating. Lousy groups fired from a .45 can be rationalized as "combat accuracy."
One fellow I know characterized it this way: "Until you have mastered the .22, a larger pistol is just a waste of range time and money." He's right too. If you haven't mastered the basics of marksmanship with the .22, they aren't going to magically manifest just because you picked up a .45. Since mastering those basics takes a goodly bit of practice, it is far more cost effective to do it with a .22. On any given visit to the range, I see lots of folks busily turning money into noise with heavy caliber pistols, AK-clones, and other guns that are "sexier" than a .22 pistol or rifle. Those folks clearly just don't know how to shoot. You name the bad habit, and you will see it. All of them would be better served by some instruction and a good .22 than they ever will be by going to the range to make a lot of noise and fling a lot of lead in the general direction of the backstop from a heavier weapon. Practicing the same wrong things over and over will never make you good at shooting, whether with a .22 or a .45; but at least it's cheaper with the .22.
"No honest man needs a handgun smaller than a canned ham."
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