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BreacherUp! is on the right track. Learn to fight without a gun before you bother carrying a gun.
Not all of us have this luxuary(sp). I've never told anyone about this (embarressing would be a key word here) but I have a muscle degenerative disease. Along with this comes about the dreaded bone brittleality phases, I'm the one in the commercial that yells out, "Help I've fallen and I can't get up" (not really me in that commercial, just the same boat). It seems as if my body sucks more from my muscles and bone marrow then it needs in order to function like it thinks it should. I can eat 40 meals a day and I still won't gain weight, in fact, I lose it (bone and muscle mass weighs more then fat, I am 6' tall and now a whooping 150lbs, and I don't try or exercise, or anything. I guess I'm a "fat man's" dream on how to lose weight ).

Anyway, I can't build muscle mass. As soon as it builds, my body sucks it dry. When I joined the military and went through MEPS, I found that I couldn't be in the Army or the Marines, they had us lift weights to determine our strength level, the Army and Marines recruits had to do 150lbs, us Air Force and Navy had to "try".... I lifted about 95lbs and that was pushing it. And I still can't life more then 100lbs without distress.

So, learning to fight is not an option for everyone. What about those worse off then I and are in a wheelchair? Those that can't move their lower half?

There are so many different variations of what is, what could happen, and people. It's unfortunate that the DA's and the lawyers try to pin you as an evil person, it's mostly due to politics, to either become a government senator or congressman or to become the next DA or governer. It's all politics to them, a score sheet if you will. They would hang their own mother if they thought it would advace their career.

I, as others, depend on a chunk of metal and little chucks of metal to be our protector in this world. I will honestly say that a 10 year old girl scout can kick my butt (okay, it was a 13 year old girl that kicked my butt but that is besides the point).

In this long and much not needed post, I just wanted all to take all aspects of the people that may wish to protect themselves and not offer a "one size fits all" conclusion. Not all are able to become "ninja's" or whatever. Many cannot become the next heavy weight boxing champs. Not all can depend on their bodies and strength to protect them in this world.

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