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Im sorry but size can be very misleading, I have seen short stocky guys punch out someone a foot taller than them.

I have been in many fights in my adolescent life, and I feel as though I dont need to prove myself anymore. I dont want any kind of conflict. Why take the chance of getting your teeth knocked out, or even worse having the gun grabbed from you? Obviously the other guy is being the agressor, so why should you have to fight him?
Its as simple as this, either I can get away, and if I cant, I am NOT fighting. Thats is opening up the biggest can of worms. I am going to stop the conflict right away. I carry fox 5.3 now in my left pocket, and my revolver in my right.

I am hoping that my Spidey sense will tell me when its the time to skip the OC and go straight for the HP's.
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