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in reply to silicon's question; I've used the g3 for allmost 3 years now, and i have to say even though the weight if the ammo and the weapon itself is not favourable compared to an m4 with a 203 or it's like, i have to say i'd personally choose the g3 for work that involves extended time unsupported or in situatons your weapon might freeze,get packed in with mud or other similar situations.. I've had next to no malfunctions with my g3/40mm in most climatic conditions (this applies for the mp5 as well) wich is more than i can say for the m4 (wich has a slight tendency to jam after a couple of hundred rounds in more extreme conditions)... the weapon is very reliable, it's easy to clean fast in the field too, and as far as i can see the only drawback is the forementioned weight (4.5k with plastic stock and 4.7k with the telescopic stock if i remember correctly) and the extra weight of the ammo.. but then again, the extra punch and noise of the .308 has it's advantages at times too..
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