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I read once that the going rate of a full auto AK in Liberia was one goat or two lambs.

Now you can send a goat to Liberia rthrough the Hiefer Project International for about $120.... (really strange catalog my girlfriend received to send livestock to the third world).. so maybe we can trade livestock for these "weapons of war" and bring peace and prosperity to the third world?? (said with tounge firmly in cheek)

But seriously, in the arms markets of the third world, like in ghana, somalia, pakistan, etc. an AK is one of the cheapest most effective weapons available for around $100 american dollars. The arms markets of pakistan, somalia, liberia, gahna, etc. do heavy trade in all kinds of lend/lease weapons provided by us and the soviets. In places where there are no police, or other such protection afforded a traveler, buying local weapons may make sense. Journalists however are told time and time again to NEVER carry weapons. (hard to convince a shining path guerilla you aren't a combatant when you are packing a machine pistol.)

I'm a fan of kalishnikov's rifle.. but when you factor in the transfer tax to make a lawful purchase there are a lot of nifty FA toys out there which might make more sense to buy.

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