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I'd declare myself communist too if Fidel would deliver a couple tons of AK, RPKs, Dragunovs, RPG-7s, Mig 21s and 17s (for show of course), anything belt fed, anything based on the Gatling gun, T34/85s, T55s, BTR60s, BMPs, and ammunition to me.

Just spoke with a lady who visited Cuba last week. While she messed up in not smuggling cubanos (cigars) into this country, she visited some museums and reported there's a great Army museum with lotsa guns. Apparently, the Cubans are big on guns (but probably like the Japanese, can't own one). Visit now before it's liberated and prices increase! Visit now while the commies and the secret police are there to ensure your safety! Spend your American Dollars on Cuban Cigars and bring them back for your fellow Americans!
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