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This is really a $ vs $ situation. MAC 11s can still be picked up for under a grand. Reisings run around a grand also. The MAC is strictly a "room broom". High rate of fire and not overly accurate (stock weapon). There are several aftermarket kits that slow down the rof, add a forestock and buttstock, etc. Overall make them more controllable. These kits are basically full-auto racegun kits. The weapons are used in full-auto competition, much as in IPSC. Or you could go and get something such as a Port Said (S&W 76, 760), Uzi conversion etc. You'll be paying more but you'll get something a little more reliable. Either way you will end up paying out well over a grand.
From here you basically jump up another $1000 or more. But you are still mostly in pistol caliber (subgun) weaponry.
Full-auto assault rifles (true assault) and battle rifles generally start around $3500 and go up.
Remember the price is always rising on these weapons and its a sellers market. If you see something you want, you better pick it up now and next month the price may have gone up more.
Too bad Post May weapons are hard to acquire as these are the least expensive class three to buy. Again the law of supply and demand (with NFA and '86 machinegun ban)
A few examples would be MP5 pre runs around $9K vs post around $1400. M16 pre $3600 vs post $750.
Also at the Creek I saw the following for post weapons (Here are just a few of the cool "toys" I would have bought if money and legality wasn't an issue). FAL - $500, Skorpion - $1495, Berettas - $1000, HK33 - $1100.

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