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I really feel the need to question the posts referencing the individual that was incarserated for telling a BG he had a concealed weapons permit to avoid bodily harm. I'll start off by stating that I'm not questioning anyone's integrity , but the whole thing sounds like urban legend at best. Even in liberal la-la land I don't see how a person can be locked up for that. If this incident were even close to being factual it seems lawyers from the ACLU as well as the NRA would have jumped in to rip the DA a new a$$hole for trying to prosecute this guy.
If someone can confirm the actual validity of this case I'd more than be happy to send money to help out for this guy's legal fund.Until then the whole thing sounds like hype to me.
Worst case senario I don't see how an unarmed person, claiming to have a CCW to avoid physical confrontation, would recieve anything more than a fine. I'm no lawyer but show me where this is a felony offense!!!

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