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Well, you covered the 3 counties that selected the Govenor. I'm glad I live in Chelan county where the court challenge is going on.

Anyway, I have confered with some guys in the know and I got a pretty straightforward response. In no case that they could think of, is it illegal for the defending party to assume a defensive position and warn the attacker of the use of force if the the defending person has done nothing beyond normal interactions to provoke the situation or defuse it. So basically, if Joe Prick threatens you and you step back slightly but assume a position with one hand forward and one on your weapon and say something like "Stop, do not continue, I will use force to defend myself"

Use the word defend and say it loudly for anyone to hear. This sets the tone. Use force as well. Do not use the word gun as it creates some stereotypical reactions. In the police investigation when they are interviewing people they heard "I am defending myself" or they will say they heard "I have a gun". The first sounds much better for legal defense.

If such an incident does occur. Immediately call the police and inform them exactly what happene and that you are legally carry CWP holder. Also inform them you felt your life well being was threatened and you would like to press charges against the assailent. Do this if you have to shoot or not. It immediately puts you on the offensive and immediately brings the police to YOUR aid not the aid of your ATTACKER. IF you don't do this, the idiot can call the cops and say some guy pulled a gun on me. Now your on the defense immediately. One sounds like a law abiding citizen, the other doesn't. Legal folks don't fear police involvement in the eyes of the law.

Hope this helps!

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