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modified mod 39 S&W called asp

I was reading an excerpt from the firing line concerning this pistol modification on another ssite. It was actually what initially brought me to this location. A real break for me, as this site provides interesting info and pleasent contributors.

The Asp modification was the work of Maj. George Nonte ( at that time a writer for shooting times; since passed on.) and the holster mfg. called seventrees (Ican't remember his name). The frames were let out to be modified and the final assembly was by George.

I had many occasions to fire these weapons for function during this period of time and, as they were modified, reliability improved greatly. The "combat sight" provided little accurecy beyound fifteen yards, but with a little use you could acquire them very quickly. The clear grips were supposed to allow you to check your loads (rounds remaining?), but I always thought it to be frivoless (sp) and the grips were slick.. The bobbed grip and magazine were functional and, at that time were on the forward edge of innovation. I doubt that there were over a hundred or so ever manufactured.

I hope that this gets to the person who was interested in the information. Any help I can offer copy to this thread...
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