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You're more than welcome. Helping others is what it's all about. (Either that, or being a show-off smart alec.)

If the "American Legend" book is the one I'm thinking of, yes, I'd get it if I had the chance. I wandered theu Dallas Market Hall Gun Show yesterday, looking for this book, among others. I have never had my own copy--every chance I had to buy one, I'd already spent up my hobby money.

I did buy a couple of Type XX 20-round TSMG magazines. Also, I saw a gun that made me think of our messages--There was a plain M-1 type 1927 Thompson on a table for $750. Frankly, I didn't think they could be had for so little. ALL it would take to have a WWII reinactor's dream gun would be the tax stamp and a few minutes in a proper machine shop.

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