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Gary, you're correct about vent holes in the barrel, and as I mentioned in my post the notes were for a semi-auto AKM. Danbrew also raised a good point on the folding stocks and their legality, somthing I missed completely. Anyway, not being familiar with the 74U from a construction point of view, I couldn't tell you the size of the vent used. Some of the kits being sold have the gas block/front sight assy. already in place and some don't. On those that don't, I'd gage the hole in the gas block using Deltronics plugs (barring that, drill blanks or twist drills should get you close), and go with that +.005" should still be plenty safe. Seems I remember reading about that funky muzzle attachment being connected to the pressure problems/premature unlocking, etc. that you were discussing, Gary. I haven't researched it, but I'm sure staying close to the vent diameter in the 74U gas block will do the trick.
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