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Having been told that there's a new MG exhibit at Springfield Armory, I stopped by the Armory today. This special exhibit, which runs until Feb. 2000, shows the evolution of machine guns from the early Civil War Coffee Mill gun, Billinghurst-Requa Rapid Fire Gun and Gatling Guns through the various WWI guns (Maxim, Vickers, Chauchat, Lewis, etc.) WWII (MG42, MG34, Bren, Japanese Type 92, etc.) to contemporary times including the M60, Stoner, GM Minigun, and 20mm T171E2 (a cutaway no less).

Wonderful exhibit well worth your time. For your Indiana Jones fans who loved The Last Crusade, the Villar Perosa (9mm double barrel has been moved from the film room to the front counter). Check it out. Admission and parking are free.

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