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Played with the Ruger MP9 9mm SMG this week. It is a derivative of the UZI design (which Ruger bought) and highly modified.

As opposed to the Uzi which we are all so familar with, the MP9 fires from a closed bolt, features a firing pin block (like most newer pistols), and a 600 rpm cyclic rate which means this gun is extremely controllable. Because it fires from a closed bolt and has a firing pin block, the grip safety feature of the Uzi has not been utilized in the MP9.

Various front grips are available, but the one I fired has the original stubby grip.

The gun was fired with Winchester Western 9mm FMJ. On full auto, it is very easy to get a one shot or two shot burst (it's a matter of practice). I would think that you could write your name using this gun.

One advantage the MP9 has over the Colt 9mm is that its magazines are easy to load - from round one to round thirty two. No special loader is needed and your thumbs will not wear out. Ruger looked at the Steyr (instead of the Uzi which Colt patterned itself after) for its basic magazine design. Like the Steyr, it is not a straight stick magazine (from a front or rear perspective) and there is a slight taper when it nears the top.

The safety is thumb operated and as a left hander, it took some time to train myself to use my trigger finger to operate it.

My only other wish is that a 40 S&W be developed. Understandably, considering the relatively small size of the market, this may not be worth the financial investment to Ruger.

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