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A number of years back, I ran across the street from my house, and intervened in a fairly violent altercation between a man and a woman. They had been going down the street, the woman ahead. The man was running up behind her, and when he reached her, he grabbed her by the hair, threw her down, and began to beat and kick her.
After making it across the street, and confronting him, I held him at gunpoint, while my wife called the police. When they got there, it turned out to be a domestic thing. I got in a wee bit of trouble for pulling a gun, but as I told the officer, it was the only thing that stopped the guy from beating the crap out of her. The guy was arrested, I was given some measure of grief for 'brandishing'. and the woman was taken away by an ambulance. I have no idea of the eventual outcome.
It did pretty much reinforce my dislike of cops though.
Would I do it again? Darn tooting.
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