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there was quite a problem a few summers ago with guys trying to rape female joggers/mountain bikers on a trail that runs from along the outskirts of anchorage to about the middle of the city.
none of those particular attacks were successful, and i gotta wonder why a rapist would target a woman thats obviously in good physical condition and more than capable of fending off an attack, but who cares?

know what the solution decided upon was? since APD didnt/doesnt have the manpower to effectively patrol the bike trails (having maybe 4-8 bike cops on hand at any given time during the summer) they came up with a volunteer community patrol, armed with whistles, radios, and cell phones. oh yeah, and bright orange vests.

know what one writer to the editor of the paper said? that it was the womens fault for wearing 'athletic clothing'. so i fired off a rebuttal letter urging users of the bike trail to start open carrying.

what would i do? i dunno. maybe run towards the scene screaming 'I'm John Wayne, ****** ********!!!"
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