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Originally Posted by tokarevman
I did try to break up a guy smaking a girl in a parking lot at a biliards club here in town. He was a big sucker to, smaking the hell out of this cute young girl by his truck and she had some girl friends with her beging the guy to stop and on the phone to the cops. I was unarmed becaus i could not cary in the club and was scared if i went to my car to get my gun he would have killed her. So i yelled at him called him all sorts of names and then bam he clocked me good. I aint no sissy but this guy was a monster but hey i new it was coming i tried to block his punch but honastly it just knocked my arm into my head. Then i stagerd and ran back still yelling at him why the girls friends pulled her to safty. He went back over to his truck saying some carzy stuff about killing the girl and me so i did all i could i ran and jumped on the dude to not let him get to the girl or the truck, we scuffeld for what felt like an hour but it was more like 2 mins before the cops showed up. He went to jail i went to the hospital for stiches, the girl had a broken jaw, nose, and eye socket. I would gladly take unther chance like that to save a inocent womens life from a crazy SOB like that guy again.
First of all, I'm glad everything turned out alright. That was pretty brave of you dude but I'm not sure it was the best way to go. I would have grabbed the gun first and then ordered him to stop. If he was armed, he might have killed you and the girl.

The first thing is to yell for someone to call 911. You want to make sure the backup is on the way so they won't be taking away 2 bodies. I always carry a pocket knife and I would have been holding it discreetly without opening it. It is a Benchmade 710 by McHenry and WIlliams . The knife can be used as a kuboton for "non-lethal" defense or quickly opened with one hand for more drastic measures.

Before people chime in with the don't bring a knife to a gun fight bit, drawing a gun should only be done when you intend to use it. I'm not saying you should always use it when you draw either but that guy was pissed off and probably would not have the sense to back off.

My suggestion is to always carry non-lethal defense such as a taser or mace. You have a lot less of a chance of getting prosecuted for killing someone by using non-lethal weapons.

Just wanted to say great job again and be careful. That guy could have killed you if the cops didn't show up. One other thing, it is not cowardly to kick the crap out of him in the groin in this situation. It is amazing how many confrontations can be resolved that way.
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