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James K
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According to what I see, many CLEOs are very reasonable; the ones that are not are simply not going to sign no matter what. Many of the latter really believe they are putting their jobs on the line if the transferee does misuse the firearm, so they are scared to sign anything. (Most cite some "policy", but the real reason is fear.) In Maryland, the CLEO is the State Police, and they deal with it as a pure bureaucratic matter, with no hassle as long as the applicant is OK on the records check.

Actually, the CLEO is not sticking his neck very far out. He only says that 1) he has no information that you will use the firearm for other than lawful purposes and that 2) he has no information that receipt or possession of the firearm would be a violation of State or local law.

The latter is mainly to cover BATF in case some law was passed recently that they don't know about.

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