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,,,and from Roy Dunlap's classic Ordnance Went Up Front:

"On machine carbines, or sub-machine guns, the Italians really came to life int he 1930's. Their Beretta M38 is one of the best ever built. Of 9mm Parabellum caliber, taking a powerfully-loaded Luger cartridge, simple blowback operated, it is hard to beat for performance. Overall length is 37.3", with 12.55" barrel. Weight was 8.7 pounds unloaded. A short model was used to some extent, being under 34" overall, with correspondingly shorter barrel. Sights are adjustable 100 to 500 meters, with blade front. The gun has a 3/4 length stock, and barrel jacket, perforated with round cooling holes, and incorporating a built-in compensator to aid in control under automatic fire. Three magazines, of 10, 20 or 40-round capacity are available, and the weapon may be fired either
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