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Also taken from Small Arms of the World, operating instructions for the Beretta 398/49 Sumachine gun Model 4:

"The Model 38/49 is one of the standard submachine guns of the Italiain Army. It is a modification of the Model 38/44; like this weapon, it has no recoil spring guide and a fixed firing pin. The principal difference between the two weapons is the use of a cross-bolt type safety, which is mounted in the stock above the front of the trigger guard.

The 38/49 was sold to Costa Rica, Egypt (with folding bayonet), Yemen, Tunisia, West Germany, Indonesia, Thailand and the Dominican Republic.

How to Load and Fire the Model 38/49

Insert a loaded magazine into the magazine port. Pull bolt retracting handle (located on the right side of the receiver) to the rear and cock the bolt. Push forward retracting handle (it does not reciprocate with the bolt). The safety is engaged by pushing in from the left side. Pressure on the forward trigger will produce semi-automatic fire and pressure on the rear trigger will produce automatic fire.

How to Field Strip the Model 38/49

Remove the magazine and check weapon to insure that a cartridge has not remained in the chamber. Twist the receiver cap one quarter-turn to the left and remove with the operating spring assembly. The bolt may now be pulled to the rear and withdrawn from the rear of the receiver. Further disassembly is not recommended. To assemble, reverse the above procedure.

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