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The $200 is a Federal Transfer & Registration fee/tax.

Please provide reference to which Federal Law you speek of!

The following is taken out of ATF Publication 5300.4. (Federal Reference in italics)

Exemptions for Transfer Tax of the NFA...

1 - Transfer & registration btwn special occupational tax payers (dealers)(Special Occupational Tax payers pay $500 per year for the Licence)
2 - Tax exempt making of a firearm on behalf of the federal or state agency. (Manufacturer)
3 - Transfer and registration of an unservicable firearm which is being transferred as a curio or ornament. (the firearm don't work)
4 - Transfer of firearm to lawful heir. (a relative has to die)
(26 USC 5851, 27 CFR 179.69, 179.70, 179.88, 179.89, 179.90 and 179.91

A private citizen who owns an NFA which is not registered to him is subject to the following - Fine not more than $250,000 and imprisonment of not more then 10 years. Additionally, any vessel, vehicle, aircraft used to transport, conceal or possess an unregistered NFA firarm is subject to seizure and forfeiture, as is the weapon itself. (I wouldn't doubt this also includes property (house/land) by now)
49 USC 781-788, 26 USC 5861, 26 USC 5872

You can buy a NFA item from an individual without going through a Dealer but you are still required to complete ATF Form 4 (except exemptions listed above in which there are other forms to fill out) and pay the $200 Transfer/Registration fee.

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