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Hello all,
I was away for the weekend and have not had a chance to read this thread until now. I trully thought that this was an innocent question.

As an administrator of TFL, I can certainly sypathize with your concern over just what content manner is discussed. Personally though, I don't understand the harm in my original question. Actually, you answered it so I guess I shouldn't feel too bad about asking it.

As a complete novice on MAK-90 and AK matters, my question may have been too simple, but to me, it seems the same as asking which AR's can be converted and which can't. I don't plan on converting either the MAK-90 or the AR that I am planning to get, but I am going to get a green lable AR. With the fickleness of the market and the spectulation that much of pricing is built on, I think that it is a better bet in terms of long term appreciation. I don't care about the flash suppressor, or the bayonet mount, or the sear block, but if it will appreciate at a greater rate than a post ban weapon, then great. It was a good investment.

That said, I am still disappointed that it has come to the point where I should feel bad about asking if one MAK-90 is more easily convertible than another. Please note, I never asked how to do a conversion. Why is the automatic assumption (no pun intended) that my question somehow precipitates an illegal act.

Rob, I do have to take exception to one thing that you wrote. I do not know why you would assume that if I owned a weapon that was possible to convert, I would be inexplicable drawn into the backyard to do it. There are thousands of weapons out there and others seem to resist this temptation. I think it is silly to suggest that I, as a law abiding firearm owner, would even entertain the thought of doing that. Please have more faith in your fellow man.

I don't know what is going to happen to the firearms market in the next 10 months, let alone the next ten years. I look at the small variations that allow one weapon to be worth more than another, and it makes me sit up and take notice. Who would have thought that the ability to leagally utilize a collapsing or folding stock would be something that would add to the value or a rifle or a shot gun. Not me.

My next step is going to be to call my local BATF office and see if there is a list of serial numbers, like Rob wrote of. If I find out that there is, and one of these guns is on it, and the BATF says its legal for me to own it, I'm buying it. I could be completely wrong, but it seems to me that if there are few of them in the states, it would be worth something a little extra down the line.

Hell, I will probably never sell it (I have a little problem with becoming attached to stuff, or so my significant other says), but if nothing else it would be fun to tell my friends the story about my MAK-90 that wasn't even supposed to be in the country, don't cha know.
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