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To all: I will try to help in this matter, I am president of American Class 3 Association and have a little knowledge of the subject. First off, the information to convert and the equipment to convert to full auto is available many places and is at this time not illegal. Should you have the fixtures to convert the MAK90 and the firearm together you are in violation and subject to arrest. There is no auto sear to convert the MAK90, holes must be drilled into the receiver and the proper parts installed to make the conversion. By the way the AK47 type firearm is not the easiest of firearms to convert. Having the information do convert a firearm to full auto fire is not illegal at this time, may be in the future!

If any of you want to convert or manufacture machine guns or suppressors just for research and development you may do so. You first need to contact the ATF and fill out the proper forms and become a class 2 manufacturer. You will be required to pay an annual tax of at least $500 for the license to do this. With this license you can make and sell machine guns to law enforcement or military. These firearms would be referred to as POST SAMPLES, and can not be possesed by a private citizen. You may not begin making firearms until you have received your license. Violation of the NFA act of 1934 WILL get you jail time with Bubba. Your very expensive lawyer can keep your time and fine down to a manageable, 3 years and $20000 fine, plus his fee of course. There are thousands of registered firearms out there for sale so illegal conversion is not necessary.

I have a number of class three firearms and have never had a problem with BATF or any other agency due to my firearms. If one follows the rules and is a law abiding citizen there is no reason one can not have a class three. I am told several times each month that I can not own full auto firearms, and at times by law enforcement. I am also told that ATF will come to your house and harrass you if you ever get a class three firearm. I have had class three for many years now and have never had them or anyone else come to my house about my firearms. Most of the negative statements I get from people is due to ignorance or misinformation, many of these people I convert to my side with a mag full of ammo.

I believe that a firearm is a firearm no matter what or how it shoots. I will defend the right for the duck hunter to have his shotgun as quickly as I will the class three enthusiast to have his machinegun. People, we are all shooters why are we infighting? Let us all band together and fight to keep our God given right to firearms ownership. Scott Traudt, a class three enthusiast in Rhode Island, has filed a law suit to halt the illegal gun buy back programs going on around the country. Let us all get behind him and help, it is for all of our good not just the class three people. Put your money where your mouth is and stop the finger pointing and name calling. Get out and do something for all firearms owners and lets us win one for a change.
Y'all have a nice day!
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