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OK, I gotta dispute this one. Along with "riding the full five" myself, I've deployed the X-26 Taser on several occasions, and I defy anyone to overcome a PROPERLY deployed Taser! On one occasion, I tased a suicidal giant of a man that was both drunk and high, and trying to push a knife into his chest. The result was instantaneous and devastating. The man went down like a felled oak tree. And as for riding the full five, talk to anyone whose gone through Taser training and taken the hit, and they'll tell you without blushing that these things hurt like hell!!! From what I've seen, when they do fail, it's almost always operator error: Wrong probes for winter clothing, shooting on the run, etc. There may be a lot of media hype going on about them, but I've seen them save lives. By the way, the myth about body builders being able to overcome them is just that: A myth. The more muscle mass a person has, the more effective the Taser is.
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