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Jim Keenan,
I am sorry if you somehow interpreted my question as some sort of hint towards a future illegal act on my part. Did I state that I wanted to convert a Mak-90 to full auto? No. I simply asked if there was a feature on some Mak-90's that makes conversion difficult.

I see no need for you to weigh in on the subject if you do not have, first, any information on my question, and second, incorrect information on full auto conversions.

Full auto conversions are not limited to only police or military applications. Respectfully sir, check your facts. Anyone that can afford the high price of a registered sear, or a registered weapon, lives in a state that allows NFA weapons, passes the background check, and pays the $200 tax, can full auto fire away.

I am considering buying A Mak-90 from my friend. He has several and I would like to purchase one that is convertible, as opposed to one that is not. This decision is based on the projected future value of the weapon. I believe that the convertible weapon will appreciate at a greater rate than the non-convertible weapon. If I am going to pay the same price for either, I will take the convertible.

Again I mean no disrespect, but it seems to me you are insinuating that there is some darker purpose to my question. I am disappointed that on the TFL Full Auto section I would encounter this. Would you feel the same way if I had asked which AR-15 has a sear block, the green lable or the blue?

Lets not perpetuate myths or stir up fear in people by making assumptions and then taking it upon ourselves to give unsolicited comments.

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