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Not sure about airsoft or paint ball, but our dept. does semi-annual FATS training, and short of actual range time, or simunitions, FATS is as real as it gets. The operator can change the simulator's response mid-scenerio, based on your response, use of cover, etc., and it shoots back! You wear a little gizmo with an infra red LED and the computer tracks you. If you're not quick enough, or don't make proper use of cover, you get pelted, and dam! but those things sting!!! The weapons are modified Glocks or Sigs (also shotgun in some scenerios, even OC spray) and used compressed air to cycle the action and simulate recoil, and the computer tracks the weapon the entire time. During critique, it shows exactly what your muzzle was tracking, exactly where each hit (or miss) was, and analyzes your patterns and mistakes. It's amazing when you see that almost everyone's first shot goes for the bad guy's weapon (that's what your eyes first lock onto), and then onto center mass. It's also amazing how you really get into it. After several scenerios, I find myself breathing hard and my heartrate really up. The only down side is the expense. FATS is really expensive, and most departments can only lease them once or twice a year.
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