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Hi Jason,
Well you already answered my question in your last post but do BE SURE all the brass is the same brand AND is resized before loading even if it is new. A friend had problems with his first reloads, VERY hot and blowing primers with what should have been a safe load. He tried to save a few bucks by using range pickup brass. Finally I convinced him to buy a box of new brass and start over using same load. Everything was fine and high pressure signs disappeared. Seems you have already done this.

As another poster has also stated, I consider IMR4350 and H4350 to be two different powders. I found IMR4350 to be a little faster burn rate than H4350 and thus used slightly less powder in IMR4350 loads. Remember that loading manuals and loads are NOT mathematically precise calculations, they are experimentally determined using HUMAN JUDGMENT and different guns, powder, bullets, etc. Even if the guns are same brand and model, pressure and velocity may not be identical and human judgment is highly variable.

Next guess would be consistency of powder charges. Don't remember from your post but did you throw the charges or weigh them? Load some more with weighed charges and retest. If you use a powder measure, install a powder baffle in the powder hopper if it doesn't already have one. This will reduce variances of powder weight in hopper influencing thrown charge weights due to compression.

Finally, your gun may have a tight chamber or tight barrel and just use less powder to attain pressure. If so, you could be getting the same velocity with less powder than others use. Sorry, I forgot your problem was variance from shot to shot.

Regarding slower shots hitting higher. This is actually normal and is related to "barrel time". Happens because slower bullets stay in barrel slightly longer and the rifle recoils slightly higher letting bullets exit when barrel is pointing higher.

Good shooting and be safe.
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