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Naah. I was trying to be politically correct and refraining from using "savage" acronyms which have connotations of senseless violence and unnecessary bloodshed (as opposed to purposeful and meaningful violence with necessary and somewhat gratifying bloodshed).

Never had an opportunity to fire a Thompson though I could probably finagle it. Your Granddad must be one heckuva man. If you want to read some good stories about the 82nd, try Ross Carter's, "Those Devils in Baggy Pants." The 82nd had a reputation back then too. It is a personal story of one trooper who served in Sicily, Italy and post-invasion Normandy, Market-Garden and finally, the Battle of the Bulge. If you stand in awe of Granddad now, which I'm sure you do, you'll really idolize him after you read Carter's book. Another good book which may still be available from Battery Press is "Paratrooper!" by Maj. Gerald Delvin. The latter book is account of American Paratrooper units from its inception of the test platoon to the various regiments and divisions which served during WWII. The USMC Paratroopers are also discussed in that book.

Returning to the Thompson, great gun and I would love to own one...but I'm in Kalifornia .

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